Thursday, May 29, 2003

“A” Material

Today I repeatedly cracked up my pal Def Jeff with tales of talking to a cutie at the Spunk/Chank show last month. Here’s how I related it:

She startled me with a “Hi Bill.” I responded, and what I meant to say was: “Hey (girl’s name)! I was hoping to run into you here!” What came out was a dead-end-no-way-to-turn-around: I know you. She kindly reminded me of how I knew her – of course I knew that already, but was tounge-tyingly unable to inform her of it. So I figured if I complimented her I’d come off as just maybe a little bit cool. What I meant to say was: “I dig what you’re doing with your hair.” What came out was this: Your hair is different. She smiled briefly and soon, very soon, left the room.

The key here dear reader is not how to stumble-and-bumble through these conversations, it is to remember exactly how you did it. Your friends will love you for it.