Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Two Minutes Of Joyful Surfing

I was curious about a song by Cheap Trick on Heaven Tonight title "California Man." The album said it was written by R. Wood, but I couldn't find the Ron Wood album it was on, so I went to AMG and found out it was instead written by Roy Wood of the Move. Then by further clicking I saw that a version of it by a band called the Hellbenders appeared on awesomely-named collection "Straight from the Gutter and into Your Panties." I'd never heard of this collection or any of the bands, but was intrigued by the band named New Wave Hookers (Ginger Lynn starred in the flick New Wave Hookers, today's research for a secret project led me to find out that Nikki Dial appeared in New Wave Hookers 3.) Turns out the New Wave Hookers have only released one EP, in 1998, and the cover is a nod to the cover of the New York Dolls first album, though I couldn't tell if the Hookers dude had a can of Schlitz like the Dolls did.