Sunday, October 24, 2004

Tough Guy Town

The Gophers disassembled my beloved Sioux last night 6-0. Ouch. But I did get one tasty highlight. My favorite Sioux, Rory McMahon, dropped the gloves against Mike Vannelli and the two engaged in the type of bare-knuckled fisticuffs you rarely see in college hockey. McMahon won the fight convincingly. I will now refer to Mikey V. as "Milli Vannelli."

This brawl allowed me to incessantly paraphrase Vikings coach Mike Tice, saying that: "Grand Forks is a tough guy town. When the Sioux and the Gophers play, it's a street fight. If you're gonna be in a street fight, you better start getting ready now."

Oh, but I'm opposed to fighting in hockey. Really. I think ... then again, prior to the fight I stated that the Sioux should start a fight to "send a message."