Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Where Have You Gone Sal Putrid?

Liked Sunday's Doonesbury. Not as good as some of Tom Tomorrow's blogger cheap shots, but still fun.

Whenever I think about Doonesbury, I end up wondering what happened to Mike Doonesbury's little brother Sal. This site has a short bio:

Mike's younger brother, who is currently at university. First appeared as the only rebel student in a morass of "pre-med flamers", his philosophy being "we were put here to party". Trudeau's contribution to safer sex was to get him to sell condoms as "Doctor Whoopie".

Sal debuted in the strip as a college student the same time I was in college, so I naturally had an affinity for him. I had one strip taped in my room, a professor was lecturing and lecturing about the illegality of radar detectors and no one was responding. Then Sal shot up his hand and used a Thomas Jefferson argument to defend radar detectors. The professor yelled: "This is wonderful! One of you speaks! Who are you! What's your name??" Sal looked around nervously and asked: "Did I do something wrong?"

The Doonsebury site's FAQ states that Sal is still gainfully employed:

Benjamin Doonesbury (a.k.a. Sal Putrid) still works as regional sales manager at Dr. Whoopie, Inc.