Friday, April 06, 2007

Random Stuff

If you are a Netflix user, be sure to check the return address on your return envelopes. I have noticed that when I return two or more DVDS at once, I tend to get return envelopes with a Fargo address. I assume this is because Fargo is a likely two-day delivery instead of my usual Minneapolis one-day return address. I simply cross out the Fargo address and write in the Mpls one. I advise all y'all to do the same.

My longest-term friend Mardi sent me some M&M cookies via the US mail yesterday. They are awesome! We have been pals since we were both 4 or 5 years old and both living on the same block in West Fargo, North Dakota. Her Mom would babysit me and she made M&M cookies (which I had never had before) and all these decades later Mardi and I bond over our recollections of M&M cookies and Sesame Street. Mardi turned me on to that show, it was in its first season or two at that point. Mardi has been my friend for a longer period of time than anyone else. I call her "longest-term" as I don't know the correct term for this. We're the same age, so I don't like to refer to her as "my oldest friend." Maybe "friend who has put up with me for the longest" is the correct term? I will ask her after I give her a huge hug when I see her next month.

Congrats to Ryan Duncan for winning the Hobey Baker award. Yes, he was likely the third-best offensive player talent-wise on the Sioux team this past season. But he had the best season of all the players on his line and in a season that by mid-point was screaming for consistency by someone, anyone ... Duncan was able to light the lamp more consistently then Toews or Oshie. Those guys will have better pro careers, but Duncan might be a four-year gem - an increasing rarity in college hockey these days.

While the Duncan award is cool, it only eased my pain over the Sioux's loss in the semifinals last night to Boston College for about two seconds. I thought about this earlier this week: the Sioux hockey team is the only team I care about. I follow the UND football team and cheer for them, but don't live and die with them. The only pro football team I care about is my fantasy football team, which isn't real. I used to live and die with the Twins, but now I'm basically a playoffs bandwagon-hopper. Same for the Wild and the Wolves, but I care more about the Twins (playoffs time) due to my prior allegiance. Sometimes this lack of caring bothers me ... then I remember that I've discovered, for example, Joan Didion during this time of not emoting over teams. And I realize all is well.

I left my CPA's office this morning not happy as I owe money to the IRS. (Further proof to the people that ask me to do their taxes that I am NOT qualified for tax work as I did my own tax payment estimates for 2006.) I stopped at the Uptown Lund's to pick up a half-gallon of milk. After I paid the cashier, she told me to take a bouquet of flowers. She had a few on her counter for customers to take. As sweet as a bag of M&M cookies. Not being someone who ever displays flowers in his apartment, I had to think quick. I used a Premium empty bottle as a vase. The flowers are pretty. People are good.