Sunday, July 08, 2007

Damn You Euros!

It was a moment that was Homer Simpson-esque.

Friday night I had bought a six-pack of Lowenbrau. I was rather excited as the store I normally shop at usually had Lowenbrau in twelve-packs and I didn't have the dough on hand to be able to buy a twelver. But now the store has sixers instead - sweet!

So because I thought that "tonight is kinda special", I got a glass out of the freezer and poured myself a Lowenbrau. As soon as I picked up the bottle, I thought: Something isn't right here. This bottle feels light. Sure enough, I read the label and the bottle held only 11.2 ounces of beer! For some reason, I have an empty bottle of Lowenbrau from a few years back in my kitchen (I think of it as a decoration, I guess.) I looked at it, and yep - Lowenbrau used to come in the correct size of 12 ounces.

Damn you Euros and your weird sizes! I was robbed!