Friday, July 04, 2008

The Top 30 Rock Books I Own: #11 Lost Highway

Title: Lost Highway
Author: Peter Guralnick
Year Originally Published: 1979
Edition I Own: Perennial Library, 1989

What They Say: 1) Boss Tracks 2) Lester Bangs: "You put the book down feeling that its sweep is vast, that you have read of giants who walked among us, inspired by the truly mighty dreams and possibilities of the kind of place where any kid could grow up to become Elvis Presley."

Tuomala's Attempt At A Take: When writing about this book's predecessor, Feel Like Going Home, I said I thought I bought this at the now-defunct Baxter's Books in downtown Minneapolis. On second thought, I may have gotten both of them for Christmas sometime in the first half of the nineties. Also with this one, I have fond memories of reading this while on the bus home from a crappy job. Books and music have always been good forms of salvation in times of crapiness.