Monday, May 10, 2004

They Just Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore

Drinks enjoyed by Coach Morris Buttermaker (a.k.a. Butterworth, Buttercrumb, Boilermaker) in "The Bad News Bears."

1) Opening scene/first practice: Budweiser can with Jim Beam mixed in.

2) League party at Pizza Hut: Undetermined, top of beer glass spotted.

3) At the batting cage: Undetermined green bottle, likely a bigmouth bottle of Mickey's with Jim Beam topper.

4) While team cleans a pool: Martini mixed by Lupus.

5) While pitching BP: Miller High Life cans, eight empties counted.

6) Team photo: Schlitz 16-oz can.

7) First game: Schlitz 16-oz can, two empties spotted.

8) Third game: Pabst can.

9) Victory pour over Amanda: Undetermined can.

10) Amanda is sick in the dugout: Undetermined can.

11) Icing down Amanda's elbow: Budweiser can.

12) Announcing final innning lineup at championship game: Coors can.

13) Team falls apart: Coors can.

14) Final inning: Undetermined brown bottle.

15) Final inning: Coors can (possible continuity problem, see #14 and #16.)

16) Loss celebration: Undetermined brown bottle.