Sunday, October 22, 2006

Let's Give Brent Bobyk His Due

An article in the Grand Forks Herald about Tony Hkrack's visit to Grand Forks. Unfortunately, it prints the oft-repeated myth of the "Hrkac, Joyce, Johnson" line.

I attended most of the 86-87 home games and witnessed the evolution of the top line. Early in the season Hrkac, Joyce, and Johnson shared a line. Gino Gasparini broke this up early in the season and experimented with different right wingers for a few games. He eventually settled on Brent Bobyk, who was on the line for the bulk of the season. Steve Johnson was moved to the second line, which was a great move by Gino - offense from Johnson on the second line helped big-time in that championship season.

That was the greatest college hockey team I have ever seen.