Thursday, October 26, 2006

Take Lyndale Back To The Southside ...

I saw the Hold Steady at First Avenue Tuesday night in show that was the definition of Kickass. If it were not for (lack of) money concerns, I would have gone back Wednesday for their second show. If you love passionate guitar/keyboards/smart vocals rock 'n roll, you need to get their albums and see these guys live. Random stuff from last night's show:

- My recent inability to get out to shows has been documented elsewhere, but omigod I haven't been to First Ave in two years! That was a show by the Drive-By Truckers, who I was persuaded to see because of the writings of Mark from Cheek, Paul from Live Nude Weblog! and coincidentally, an email from Craig from the Hold Steady.

- Being out of the loop for so long brought me back to the days of the late eighties/early nineties, when I went to shows and didn't run into a damn person I knew. Of course, back then I didn't have my zine (through which I have met countless cool people and made many friends) and worked in some moronic corporate job - so who exactly was I going to run into? But I did run into Brad last night, which was sweet.

- I spoke briefly with Craig from the band after the show. Immediately, the talk turned to the beatdown that Maine put on North Dakota in hockey last weekend. All I can say is that championships aren't won in October, nor are seasons lost. I gave Craig props for Boston College's win (he's a BC alum) over UND in the semifinals last year. UND vs. BC has become an NCAA postseason rivalry: 1999 - BC beats favored UND in the quarterfinals; 2000 - UND knocks off ESPN-favorite BC in the finals; 2001 - BC defeats UND in the finals in OT; 2005 - underdog UND destroys BC in the quarterfinals as part of their "Boston Massacre," the previous night they had shut out Boston University - both games were played in the Boston area; 2006 - BC capitalizes on every UND mistake and beats them in the semifinals. My money's on the Sioux in the next UND vs. BC postseason meeting.

- I need to go to bars aside from the Country Bar because last night two cute girls talked to me, and all I was doing was standing around checking out a band.

- Almost as exciting as being approached by girls out of my league ... First Ave now has high-definition TVs placed around the bar so if you are short like me and have no desire to venture out on the main floor, you can see the band quite well. It can be very counter-intuitive though, as the awesome sound is coming from stage central and you're looking at a TV off to another direction. On another nice customer-service note, you can just be standing somewhere and a waitress will take your order. You don't have to be sitting at a table. Nice.

- Speaking of the Country Bar, I stopped by last night after the show for last call and one of the foxy bartenders asked where I'd been. I said at a rock show at First Avenue. But what she meant was "where have you been in general?" Girls flirting with me at a show and cutie bartenders missing me? WTF???