Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Minnesota Strip

Last night, I downloaded this song by the Dictators called "The Minnesota Strip." Lurking in my head were a couple of inspirations:

1) I saw Drivin' n' Cryin' cover it at First Avenue circa 1992.

2) I saw (parts of?) a made-for-TV movie while in high school called "Off the Minnesota Strip" about a girl from Minnesota who returned home after running away. She had ended up turning tricks on The Minnesota Strip in NYC. Turns out this movie was written by David Chase of The Sopranos fame.

Somehow I was aware of this song, originally recorded in 1978, well before hearing DNC cover it fifteen years ago. Or at the very least I knew that the Minnesota Strip was a street on NYC where you could score blonde girls from Minnesota, all because of that TV movie I saw in high school.

In semi-related news, that prostitution ring that was busted last week in the Twin Cities had a brothel placed five blocks from where I live and it was only a block from my local Wendy's.

Typing all of this has creeped me out and I need to take a shower. Though I'll undoubtably listen to that Dictators song again tonight.