Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Cure For This Cancer

Who was the prophet that wrote the following words over two years ago?

What will Randy Moss do once he figures out that the Raiders don't exactly have the brain trust or talent in hand to win a Super Bowl or contend on a regular basis? My guess: Pout, mail it in, and take his sorry act elsewhere. There will always be a gullible NFL general manager willing to pony up.

Oh wait, that was me.

Great insights on "the next Jerry Rice" from Moss's offensive coordinator in a Boston Globe article last week:

"His whole game in Minnesota was outside the numbers [on or near the sidelines]. For him to run shallow crosses and in-routes was new for him. Initially, he showed all the interest but later on . . . I don't know."

(Hey, wasn't that also me who referred to Moss as "too chickenshit to catch a ball thrown over the middle"?)

"Andrew Walter was at quarterback. He makes the play-fake and a huge hole opens up for Randy in the middle of the field but he's running down the sideline. Walter nearly threw his arm out pulling the ball back. When Randy gets to the sidelines, [wide receivers coach] Freddie Biletnikoff says, 'What were you doing?'

"Randy told Fred, 'I didn't feel like running the 6 route on the dirt part of the infield.' That's the Randy I coached. There were some games where out of 28 plays he'd have 13 or 14 busts. Wrong routes, wrong reads. Dogging it. Whatever."

Randy Moss ... "he'll go down as better than Jerry Rice" as so many misguided Purple fans probably still believe ... or only worth a fourth-round draft pick in a trade? Seems that determination has already been made.