Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl V Replay

I'm replaying Super Bowl V - Baltimore Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys - using the Sports Illustrated Football Game.

Coin Toss: Visiting team Baltimore called tails, it was heads. Dallas chose to kick off to start the game.

END OF FIRST QUARTER: Cowboys 0, Colts 0. This is a defensive battle - Johnny Unitas has been picked off twice and Craig Morton once. Neither team has entered the red zone.


11:40 Cowboys 3, Colts 0. Mike Clark kicks a 17-yard field goal for the Cowboys.

8:40 Colts 7, Cowboys 3. Johnny Unitas 5-yard TD pass to Roy Jefferson. PAT good.

3:40 Cowboys 10, Colts 7. Walt Garrison 1-yard TD run. PAT good.

HALFTIME: Cowboys 10, Colts 7. The Colts were driving and had the ball first-and-ten on the Dallas 17 with a minute-twenty on the clock. Unitas was sacked and fumbled the ball for his third turnover of the half. Earl Morrall off the bench in the second half? The Colts have had great field position thanks to kick returner Ron Gardin: he has kickoff returns of 55, 50, and 45 yards. According to Wikipedia, Anita Bryant performed at halftime for Super Bowl V. We don't allow homophobes on our stage here.


9:30 Colts 14, Cowboys 10. Tom Nowatzke 1-yard TD run. PAT good. (Unitas still in the game.)

3:00 Cowboys 17, Colts 14. Duane Thomas 16-yard TD run. PAT good.

END OF THIRD QUARTER: Cowboys 17, Colts 14.


6:00 Colts 21, Cowboys 17. Unitas 12-yard TD pass to John Mackey. PAT good. (Who's the idiot who suggested that Unitas might be benched? He just led a masterful 55-yard scoring drive.)

FINAL SCORE: Colts 21, Cowboys 17. The Cowboys faced a tough decision with a fourth-and-long deep in their own terriroty and 4:10 on the clock. They punted and hoped their defense could force a turnover or punt. Unfortunately punter Ron Widby shanked a 26-yard punt and then the Colts ground game ate up the clock. Ball game.

Why did I go through all this when I could have played the game in under sixty seconds at WhatIfSports? The final score using that site was Colts 10, Cowboys 0.