Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Vikings were almost beat by Slingin' David Carr and the New York Football Giants, but actually won and advanced to the playoffs. It's no substitute for a Purple choke job, but watching the Dallas Cowboys lose their last two games has been rather enjoyable (sorry, Joel.)

Last week they gave up those two long runs late in the game against Baltimore. Very funny. Today in their "effort" against Philadelphia they got blown out by 38 points. Hilarious.

I'm sure everybody is quick to blame the late-season woes of Tony Romo, Wade Phillips losing his team, and also the antics of Terrell Owens. I have an easier explanation: it's the Curse of the Pacman. Adam "Pacman" Jones is maybe the most despicable person in sports, just read his legal troubles section at Wikipedia. For some reason, the Cowboys just had to have him this season and they went from being last season's NFC East champions and a preseason fave pick a few months ago to win the Super Bowl to being out of the playoffs. Pacman also fumbled away a kickoff return late in the first half today, allowing the Eagles to kick a field goal as time ran out.

The team that traded away Pacman? The Tennessee Titans went from being 10-6 and a wild card last year to being 13-3 and the #1 seed in the AFC this year.

Fire Wade Phillips? Sure, you just know Jerry Jones is gonna do it this week. Dumping the Pacman would be an even better move.