Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vikings Choke Job Checklist

League's best running back fumbles three times and loses two? Check.

Last week's NFC offensive player of the week fumbles twice, loses one, and lets a snap go over his shoulder? Check.

Team's best receiver fumbles away a punt return, actually not a so much a return as letting it bounce off his numbers? Check.

A finally improved defense ineffective? Check.

Sorry, Purple fans, you are going to have to cheer for Green Bay to beat Chicago tomorrow night or Houston to do it next week as you know if the Vikings have to win a game to make it to the playoffs, they're not going to do it.

Also: Very enjoyable article reminiscing on the Purple's glorious choke job against the Falcons ten years ago. (If they win that game, they get destroyed by the Broncos in the Super Bowl anyway!)

And: Reusse catches up with the Weeping Blondes, who are even hotter with age.