Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fact Is Funnier Than Fiction

Over the years my good friend (and blog commenter) Joel and I have been emailing each other real-news headlines that read like headlines from The Onion. A quick search of my email program pulled up these:

"Newly discovered tape captures Lennon and McCartney giggling"

"Zubaz are back"

"Syrian diplomat hopes his blog will help thaw chilly relations with U.S."

"Abbas sees no peace deal with Israel this year"

(this one ran in November)

"Benzair Bhutto's daughter honors mom with rap song"

UPDATE: Early Friday a.m. the main Yahoo page blessed us with another one: "Craze over touch-screen gadgets not shared by the blind."

UPDATE #2: When it rains it pours, Friday afternoon Yahoo had this one: "Amy Winehouse targeted by Islamic extremists."