Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gopher Freshmen?

All of us who are not fans of the maroon and gold hockey team are told every offseason how awesome the incoming class of Gopher freshmen are. I have no doubt that the Gophers can recruit, but their fans' smugness implies that their freshmen class - and ONLY their freshmen class - is worth talking about.

After watching just a few moments of the first period of Minnesota vs. Mankota State on Saturday night and seeing the Mavericks score a couple of easy goals, I have to wonder WTF Gopher fans are thinking when they brag up their freshmen these days. #3 and #21 on defense? These froshies are BRUTAL! #3 was standing right in front of his goalie and twice tried to weakly swipe away the puck from the opposing forward rather than play the body and move the forward off the puck. Result: MSU goal. Who the hell recruited this clown? On the second goal, #21 stumbled and bumbled at the blue line, got his pocket picked, and the Maverick forward was able to break away and score a short-handed goal.

I look forward to the Goofers first-round loss in the NCAAs against Miami-Ohio. What follows won't be so enjoyable: The inevitable chatter from the Gopher faithful about how great next fall's freshmen will be.