Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Sioux Were Off This Weekend ... And So Were The Gophers

The mighty Golden Gophers have lost six out of eight and have been swept three out of the last four series. Sing along with Tom Petty: "They're free ... they're free-fallin'"

Ryan Stoa never seems to be a tough guy unless he's literally sitting on top of his opponent. I hope this punk gets his clock cleaned real soon.

But I am coming up with marketing opportunities for this Gopher squad:

"Golden Gopher hockey, brought to you by the United States Postal Service. When you want it mailed, visit your local post office! When you want it mailed in, watch the Golden Gopher hockey team!"

And back to the overrated Gopher froshies theme: Jordan Schroeder? The Wooger himself called him out on Wisconsin's second goal - Schroeder failed to get back on defense on the play. At North Dakota and Wisconsin, the coaches will skate you to near-death on Monday for an error like this. At Minnesota when it involves a defensive error? Probably a pat on the head and: "Ahhh, I'm sure you can do better next time."

"They're free ... they're free-fallin'" ... Man, is life great.