Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't Know Where All These Red Sox Fans Came From All Of Sudden, But I'm Sure Glad They're Quiet Tonight

Howard Sinker, who I read in the pages of the Grand Forks Herald thirty years ago or so, has a nice recap of the Twins beating the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth on Friday night.

A note to Howard (who I dig): I was oozing confidence when GoGo was up to bat. Young had already gotten a hit off of Papelbon, why not Gomez? I was thinking he was going to go yard or at least hit a double (oops, that would be a triple for GoGo) into the gap. Instead, he drew a walk - I think FSN said it was only his fourth of the season - and then stole second. I love this kid!

I was up saying "GoGo! GoGo! GoGo!" all during Gomez's at bat and then kept repeating "Twins win! Twins win! Twins win!" after Lamb drove in the winning runs. I live alone, so it was left up to my cat to give me funny looks, of course it didn't help that I was also doing a PA-via-Common "Ballgame!" while pointing at her.