Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Don't Know If Mad Is Going To Do A Parody

Why sit through four-plus hours of Che when you can get the same story in 96 minutes? Plus Omar Sharif as Che AND Jack Palance as Castro?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Latest Exiled Now Available

Exiled on Main Street #45

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Union Forever

Friday afternoon I finished watching Ken Burns' Civil War, which I consider required viewing for all Americans. It's that great.

Then an hour or so later, I turned on MSNBC to hear that Texas governor Rick Perry declared that Texas could secede from the USA. Hey doofus: Maybe you heard - Once upon a time, some southern states seceded and declared war on the northern states. A war was fought that left 620,000 Americans dead and one of the verdicts left was that no, states can't secede. Another verdict is that the south got its ass kicked, big-time.

But Perry is a Republican governor of Texas, and we know how bright those guys can be. And as Jay Leno pointed out, if they become their own country we can always invade them for their oil.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Apparently Doug Was A Close, Personal Friend

Craig Leipold, the relatively new owner (he's had them one year) of the Wild fired general manager Doug Risebrough yesterday. Today's Strib sports page shows the perfect example of the contrasts between Patrick Reusse and Sid Hartman. Just check out the headlines:

Reusse: "Feeble spin, wafer-thin skin spell end for Risebrough"

Hartman: "Leipold turns on GM after one year"

Reusse refers to the prior owner of the team, Bob Naegele, as "an eccentric Florida taxpayer." Hartman claims that Naegele wouldn't have made this move and refers to Leipold as "the billionaire from Wisconsin" and a "johnny-come-lately." Reusse mocks Risebrough's efforts as GM while Hartman calls him "one of the best hockey executives in the game."

Both of these columns are fun reads for totally different reasons.
Tax Day Chaos? No Problem In The End!

Wednesday night I left my class at The Loft shortly after 7:00 pm and decided to head over to Surdyk's to buy some booze. I saw a few latecomers on a nearby sidewalk walking to Metrodome for the Twins game. I made a mental note to tune in the game when I got in my car. As I headed west/northwest (whatever direction it is) towards 3rd Avenue, traffic was backed up in the far-right lane of Washington Avenue. What the hell, I thought, I'm driving away from Metrodome ... what's the problem? Geez, I shoulda taken Chicago home and stopped at Chicago-Lake Liquors! Assuming it was an accident or road construction, I figured things would be better once I got onto 3rd Avenue. But no, things were still backed up there. WTF? I thought, All that's over here is a Dunn Brothers, a hotel, and that funky building that Joel used to work in!

Then I realized why traffic was so slow: There was a long line of cars taking left turns off of 3rd to get to the big ol' Postal Service facility that is open until 8:00 p.m. And this was tax day. I shortly got over the 3rd Avenue Bridge into Northeast and was able to get to Surdyk's. The eventual payoff? Surdyk's is now stocking Rittenhouse 80-proof rye and it was on sale for the same price as Old Overcoat! And its regular price ain't much more than the Overcoat. This of course means an Overcoat vs. Rittenhouse taste-off during my now-started staycation. Heavens.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Email From A Listener Read On Dan Barreiro's Program Today (Sadly, I Did Not Write It)

The problem those priests have with President Obama speaking at Notre Dame is that he is too old for them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes! Cat Interrupts Home Opener At Citi Taxpayer Field!

Cats are amazing creatures. This cat at tonight's Mets game shows the typical housecat's amazing vertical leap - going six times its height or more is no problemo. What you don't see is a cat's speed. A humble tabby cat who doesn't work out and rarely leaves her second-floor apartment would handily beat Carlos Gomez or Adrian Peterson in a footrace.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Where Is The List Of Minneapolis Bars With Wi-Fi?

A few weeks ago the hard drive on my iMac crashed and needed to be replaced. I was so disgusted with Apple that ... I went out and bought a MacBook laptop, plus an Airport Express so I can print and get to the Internet wirelessly. So now in my little home office, the iMac desktop is the accounting computer and the MacBook is my writing computer. Plus all my CDs are now in my iTunes so the laptop will also be hooked up to my stereo to play those. (This means my CDs are now out of the living room and their place near the stereo is now filled by vinyl!)

So now I'm looking forward to being Writer Guy At The Coffee Shop With His Laptop. I know I won't be able to give up the Mead Five Star notebooks for creating prose, but the laptop will come in handy for typing up my handwritten notes. Perhaps more importantly, it will be there in case the joint is playing Bjork and then I can listen to the Faces on headphones instead.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Little Eleven

I caught most of the first half of the NCAA hoops title game and it appeared that Michigan State was doing what Ohio State invariably does when it gets a berth in the BCS college football title game: Look shell-shocked and not at all deserving of being on such a stage.

Nice effort Michigan State! And the Big Ten? You have once again proven to be a mediocre football and basketball conference.