Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday Tuneage
True Believers - “Ring The Bell”

Bored Top Ten: (When You’re Distressingly Bored, Insomnia Lurks, And The Writing Won’t Come ... Make A List)

1. Wild Turkey rye - Tasty, and because I drink my rye neat: No ice cube hassles.

2. Deadball: Baseball With Dice - A game I got into this year, thanks to the inventive W.M. Akers. The game involves RPG dice (think Dungeons & Dragons) (in fact, a friend calls this game “Dungeons & Dugouts”) and my erratic bullpen decisions. I’ve been playing random World Series from the sixties, seventies, and eighties solitaire. This is the game I wish I had when I was twelve. Endearingly addictive.

3. Jack’s Canadian Style Bacon Pizza - I’m a confirmed Heggies fan, but every once in a while get a hankering for Canadian bacon (no pineapple, please) pizza. Since Heggies doesn’t deal in back-bacon-only pies and my grocery delivery service doesn’t sell the Tombstone version, I go for Jack’s. Flat, spare on cheese and sauce, and easy to overindulge in as it goes down so fast. Which means not enough leftovers for a second meal. But still a treat. Bleep you, foodies.

4. Stone IPA - Six-point-nine percent ABV (nice) and crisp, perfect for when the time of the evening comes to move on from rye and writing to beer and hockey on TV.

5. Paul Reiser - With his turns as jerk country clubber in Red Oaks and maybe-jerk doctor in Stranger Things, he’s finally showing the potential he flashed in 1982’s Diner. “You gonna finish that?”

6. My Eighties Roots Rock playlist (to the left) - Back when I deejayed, why did I never spin “Looking for Lewis and Clark”? Idiot.

7. The Best of Uriah Heep LP - Strident lead vocals, oohs and ahhs in the background, organ, backdoor dramatics. These guys obviously gave zero f*cks and I mean that as a compliment. For those fall nights when Deep Purple won’t get you there and you find Type O Negative too funny.

8. Vicinity Coffee (Lyndale) - I told the barista that I was reporting to the “satellite office” for a few hours. He genuinely laughed in agreement.

9. Reformation 500 - Those Lutherans are sneaky. Instead of browbeating you with promises of salvation, they give history lessons and you began to re-embrace your Lutheran roots. Plus, they employed NPR in this sneak attack, having that solemn totem air a piece about how Martin Luther changed beer tastes forever. Bravo, ELCA, bravo.

10. Logitech Harmony 650 universal remote - My Dad once called me “Gadget Guy” for my propensity to buy newfangled gizmos and fawn over them. This new universal remote is my latest infatuation and will guarantee me even more time in the recliner enjoying TV and music and trying to fight off crippling boredom.