Saturday, June 30, 2007

The King and I July 2007 DJ Schedule

2-Mon> E-DAWG!
3-Tue> Derek Olson & Dave Gardner


5-Thu> Die-Monster Presents:
Christopher Jensen & Jared Thiele
6-Fri> Dj Fathertime's Bop, Rhythm and Blues the 50s
7-Sat> One Last Moan, Goodbye Chaos! with Dj Josh Mcdermott

9-Mon> Sigelman
10-Tue> Lisa's Tuesday Night Dance Party
11-Wed> Plain Ole Bill
12-Thu> Housekeeping with Brian Thomas
13-Fri> Vaya con Dios Don Cuco
14-Sat> Blunt City=JamesPatrick+DanielPaul

16-Mon> Rockit Fuel! with C-Gull, A-Me, T-Machine & Cecil Otter
17-Tue> BUCK K.A.C. of RSE Radio
18-Wed> Nikoless
19-Thu> The Saint
20-Fri> Jennifer, Free I & Colin
21-Sat> Fun Boys

23-Mon> Replicant Soul=Dj Tk
24-Tue> Brigadier Woodro of 3King Sound System
25-Wed> Things Kings Do... Mike the 2600 King & King Otto
26-Thu> Ebony & Don Cacheine
27-Fri> Treehouse Records
28-Sat> JOBOT + Nancy Cheng

29-Mon> James Leonardo
30-Tue> It Takes All Kinds & Platetektoniks

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Love TV

The past few weeks I have fallen head over heels with Scrubs. When I would watch it before, it was in bits and pieces. This didn't allow me to appreciate the rhythm or the humor of the show. In turn, the heartfelt moments just looked corny.

But now I get it. And the beauty of falling for a show that is in syndication is that with cable you can gorge like mad on reruns - none of this waiting once a week to see an episode. I think between six p.m. and midnight, you can watch five episodes on Comedy Central, WGN, and channel 45. WGN and 45 both show hour blocks, but overlap for half an hour. Though it seems you generally see an episode on 45 that you saw the night before on WGN. No biggie though, it's not like I watch every night. (Or do I?)

Major props to my main man Joel for helping me turn on to this show.

Doctor Cox rules!

Update: Thursday night I watched a rerun where Dr. Cox is babysitting a newborn baby. He gets bored, and to liven things up cracks a beer. The kicker: It was a can of Grain Belt Premium! I know what I'll be buying at the liquor store tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Latest Podcast Available

The latest edition of Exiled Radio has been posted.

Can't remember if I've mentioned it here or not, but I've been playing around with the podcast software and the audio is much better these days. I figured out how to equalize the sound. I made this move late in 2006.

I have made no moves to upgrade my voice, then again I have been told repeatedly that it is made for the radio. Or is it that I have a face made for radio? I forget.

Anyway, tune in and enjoy.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Best Advice Ever Given In A Movie?

"Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the crosshairs and take them down. Just remember: They can buy anything, but they can't buy backbone. Don't let them forget that."

- Herman Blume (Bill Murray) in Rushmore.

On a related note, this writer thinks that Rushmore should be on the new AFI Top One Hundred Movies list. I concur. And Fight Club should be on any list that dares to include that snore-fest Forrest Gump.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Quitters Never Win

Not only do the Minnesota Vikings have the reputation as being arguably the all-time leader in big-game choke jobs in all of professional sports, it turns out they can be quitters also.

Remember 41-doughnut? It turns out the Purple quit. Says Robert Griffith: "I think a few guys quit in that game."

Chokers AND quitters? Great franchise. Yeah, let's build them a new stadium.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blame The Media

I didn't have to be anywhere until 11:30 a.m. today, so I stayed up until nearly 3:00 last night/this morning (I'm a night owl) watching some of season two of Six Feet Under on DVD.

It was great sleeping with the windows open after all those nights of stifling A/C, but then sometime around 4:30 or 5:00 I was awoken by the sound of one, then later two or more (it was hard to tell how many) helicopters overhead. I would doze lightly for a bit, but then be repeatedly awoken by the copters.

I eventually got up to check the news on why there where copters in the sky, figuring it was either 1) Officer down, or 2) Terrorist(s) on the loose in south Minneapolis. Then I remembered that there won't be any terrorists in my neighborhood until we pull out our troops from Iraq. Whew - I just hoped no officers were down.

Turns out a duplex over on Nicollet was up in flames. The helicopters were courtesy of the local news channels. And if you've ever seen those fluffy weekday morning "news" shows (I hadn't watched in years), you can see why a duplex fire would cause the local channels to send out their forces en masse. Next time somebody in the area acidentally starts their house on fire, I hope they do it in prime time when the local channels won't be so quick to send out their copters. (Though golly, can folks live without an overhead shot of a fire??)

And when the terrorists do follow the troops home (#17 in in this strip) to my neighborhood, I hope they're a little less noiser in those early-morning hours than Channel 5. Because once I'm up with the noise I stay up. And going through my day on less than three hours of sleep is no fun. Then again, maybe the terrorists will sell me a rocket launcher to take care of that KSTP chopper.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

If You Support Iran, Vote Republican

I haven't read much War Nerd for the past year or so and read a few columns tonight. In the stuff I read tonight, he wonders more than once if Dick Cheney is a mole doing Iran's work here in the USA. From his "If It Ain't Fixed, Break It All Up" column:

Because we've been doing the Persian Empire's dirty work for it from the moment we took out Saddam. What is it with these supposedly patriotic types always sucking up to Iran? In the late 80s it was Ollie North bringing them cakes, Bibles, and Hawk AA missiles on behalf of Ronald Reagan; now it's Bush and Cheney actually going to war to destroy the Persians' one local rival and leave Tehran in total control of the Persian Gulf. And now, by way of fixing the mess, we're going to make Iranian dominance permanent by splitting up every other state in the Middle East.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The King and I June 2007 DJ Schedule

Mon-4> E-Dawg!
Tue-5> Derek Olson & Dave Gardner
Wed-6> Buck K.A.C. of RSE Radio
Thu-7> Volcano '66
Fri-8> Don Cuco
Sat-9> Fun Boys

Mon-11> Sigelman
Tue-12> Lisa's Tuesday Nite Dance Party
Wed-13> Plain Ole Bill
Thu-14> Replicant Soul = Dj Tk
Fri-15> Jennifer & Free I
Sat-16> Blunt City = JamesPatrick + DanielPaul

Mon-18> Rockit Fuel! with C-Gull, A-Me & T-Machine
Tue-19> Brigadier Woodro of 3 King Sound System
Wed-20> Nikoless
Thu-21> The Saint
Fri-22> Tone & Tonic with Julius Romero
Sat-23> Housekeeping with Brian Thomas

Mon-25> James Leonardo
Tue-26> Justin Salinas
Wed-27> Mike the 2600 King
Thu-28> Ebony & Don Cacheine
Fri-29> Treehouse Records
Sat-30> JOBOT